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169 Cone Metering Tray .35g

169 Cone Metering Tray .35g

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This accessory is a volumetric measuring device that ensures precision and accuracy across your all your cones.

This loading platform takes away the guesswork and allows the distribution of a precise amount of .35 grams of material per pre-roll, when going through the filling process.

With the Sliding Plate installed on the bottom, the Loader is packed with material to the desired height/weight based on your particular grind consistency.

Once the Loader is mounted to top of the Bottom Base the Sliding Plate can be pulled out, in which the material will fall down into the Top platform and loaded into the pre-roll.

We offer the metering tray in smaller volume sizes because we recommend packing your load in increments, that way you get that perfect, desired, density, especially at the crutch

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